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Photo Basketball

Custom Photo Ball

Your photos and customized text printed on a full-size sports ball!
Available in basketballs, baseballs, soccer, golf balls, and others.

Your photos will be printed and placed directly on a real sports ball (basketball, football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.) and will include a stand to display your custom ball.

Full size basketballs, footballs and soccer balls typically have enough printing space to accommodate an individual and team photo (or several individual photos) along with some custom text and a team logo.  Most of the offerings have as many as four printing surfaces upon which photos and other customizations can be printed.

Basketball: Full-size and 6-inch
Football: Full-size and 9-inch
Soccer ball: Full-size and 6-inch black and white
Softball: Full-size white ball with white laces
Baseball: Full-size white ball with red laces
Hockey Puck: Full-size
Volleyball: Full-size and 6-inch

and others.

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