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Privacy Statement

In the course of planning your event photography, or dealing with any vendor of services, you'll find yourself turning over personal information to people. What these people do with the information you entrust to them can, and should, be of great importance to you.

Therefore, I've developed this privacy policy which is really quite simple:
At no time will any of your private information (name, address, email, etc.) be sold, distributed or otherwise be revealed or disseminated to any third party, unless you have agreed to act as a "reference" for my services. Even in those cases, you will have complete control over how your information may be used.

Further, I will never sell, distribute or otherwise reveal or disseminate any aggregate information about my clientele, nor will I ever send you any unsolicited commercial email.

And while other photographers and other commercial concerns would not hesitate to place your email address on a third-party site (such as yahoo, google, or even spam-houses like Constant Contact) to make things easier for them, I will never place your information anywhere outside my own internal systems.

Also, if there's really no reason for me to hold or store your information (because you've contracted elsewhere or the date has been previously booked) I purge my systems of your information.

And that's it.