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July, 2013

Valley Gators Team Photograph, 2013 Joe Pucillo Photography

Available in 5x7 or 8x10.

The individual photos taken on July 15th appear below.

If you've ordered a photo or package, please look at the photos and choose which one you'd like me to print.
Send an email to by Wednesday night, and I'll print your photo choice.
On Thursday, I'll choose the rest so that the orders can go to the processor, and be returned to the pool quickly.

If you want to order additional photos or products, please use the "Ordering Information" link at the bottom of the page.
Thank you.

715-003 715-004 715-005 715-006 715-007 715-008 715-009
715-003.jpg 715-004.jpg 715-005.jpg 715-006.jpg 715-007.jpg 715-008.jpg 715-009.jpg
715-010 715-011 715-012 715-013 715-014 715-015 715-016
715-010.jpg 715-011.jpg 715-012.jpg 715-013.jpg 715-014.jpg 715-015.jpg 715-016.jpg
715-017 715-018 715-019 715-020 715-021 715-022 715-023
715-017.jpg 715-018.jpg 715-019.jpg 715-020.jpg 715-021.jpg 715-022.jpg 715-023.jpg
715-024 715-025 715-026 715-027 715-028 715-029 715-030
715-024.jpg 715-025.jpg 715-026.jpg 715-027.jpg 715-028.jpg 715-029.jpg 715-030.jpg
715-031 715-032 715-033        
715-031.jpg 715-032.jpg 715-033.jpg

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